We'd like to recruit Organic or sustainable farmers since our beliefs are more paralell but it also might be helpful to have an opion from the other side as well.  I'm open minded. 

Write to us, tell us who you farm for?  Why you put yourself in such a tough business by choice!  Tell us the decesions you make in choosing your grow crops each season.  Etc...

Just because the label sais "Organic" does not mean it is better then other products. For each product you have to do your own research. If a product is 100% organic then this company went through many effords in order to print this on the label. The big corporations are now recognizing that there is money to be made and are buying smaller organic companies so they can put their name on the product. My recommendation is to stay away from big corporation name products even if they say "Organic" on the product.

large companies are working hard to get those standards lowered every day so that more profits can be made with non organice ingredients.
What you need to do is question everything. Research the company brand products you are buying, visit their websites and see what they are all about.
Here are some questions you should ask yourself

  • Do their chicken roam free
  • Are their cows allowed outside on green pastures
  • Are the companies trucks run on bio-diesel
  • Do they use solar power
  • Are they a local company to you, not much transporting needed.
  • Are they small or do they belong to a large concern

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