Yes I believe in them but not in the ones you buy from Costco or Safeway. These are synthetic and I just can not believe that they do anything for you. I will talk in our Product section what we use, and where we found good vitamins.

There are only a very few reasons you would need one. I will probably be modifying this article a few times to get it right but basically I do not believe in what they have turned into.

Years and years ago they had a black doctors back you see in old movies and made housecalls, now they are hired by the drug companies to subscribe chemicals to you.

Here are a few reasons I can think of to use a doctor:

  • childbirth
  • you have a cut and need stiching or a broken leg
  • you were in an accident and need surgery
  • you are at a point were you think you might be dying

Because we have health coverage, I use a doctor for a general checkup (no additional cost) to have my blood analyzed

Here is what we learned because my wife was registering on the PH test kit as yellow, somewhere in the 5.x range. Unfortunately with PH level is not a linear scale and 1 point down (6) is like 10x more acid then normal so 2 points down (5) you are 100x more acid then normal.
What to do to boost:

  • avoid all highly acid forming foods (no coffee, no sodas, ... see pdf file in other article)
  • get goji berries/juice
  • eat prunes and raisins whenever you can
  • Water: add calcium and Hydrogen Peroxide Solution to it (more in the products section)
  • Noni juice, buy a bottle and follow directions

Monitor your PH level on a daily basis, you do not want to get to a high alkaline level either, so 7 to 7.4 is fine in our minds but 8 is to high. Just to let you know, based on where you are this might take you 1..2 month to get there.

Well a good start is a PH test kit, buy it at Whole Foods for about $16 it includes a book. This kit contains a paper roll that reacts to saliva (spit in your mouth). Best way we found to test yourself is by waking up in the morning and going to the kitchen sink, spitting into the sink twice to produce new saliva, then ripping of 1 inch and wetting the paper. Within 30 seconds the paper turns colors (green is best) if you paper does not turn color, your body is very acitic and you need to start working on eating High Alkaline foods until your body gets back into balance and avoid acitic foods. (yes cutting out all Soda pops

Download the following doc, which is a copy of the important page the booklet that comes with the test kit, it shows you the Highly alkaline forming foods and highly acid forming foods to avoid.

Many people do not even know your body has a PH level. What is it? Well, there are many book on this topic but lets just give you an example that most folks can relate to. A swimming pool.

Farmers test the soil where they grow food for the PH level well I think doctors should check your PH level while coming in for a visit.
Our family believes that if your PH level is neutral (7.0) then you can not get any kind of disease. In other words if your body has some kind of disease, you can cure it buy getting your PH level to 7. Does that mean you never get sick? No, you can get a cold.

Is cancer curable? In our minds yes, get your PH level up to 7 and anything that might be wrong in your body will cure itself.

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