We invested in some nice pots and pans a long time ago. About 10 years about now around 2000 we became aware of teflon being unhealthy at high heats (releasing chemical vapors) so we decided to contact the manufacture of the pans and explained that because of health reasons we can no longer use teflon pans.

The Customer Service of that company was outstanding. They had us send in the pans and asked us to choose what replacements we would like. Five days later all our (3) Teflon pans where replaced free of charge.

Since then we cook with a little bit of organic olive oil and have no issues at all with food sticking to the pan.

Fall is almost officially here, and I've achieved very little progress in the canning department.  On a typical month in September, I've usually canned and jarred several varieties of jellies, and a few cases of tomatoes which usually takes me through the winter.  But this year is a bit different.  The weather was off, as was my motivation, and the end result is that I have very little to take me through the winter.

I have a German friend who tells me of her experiences growing up and living off the canned goods which were prepared by the family members.  Items high in Vitamins to fight against those lurking winter diseases which are always present when we're not receiving what we need during those cold and dark winter days.  There was a method back then in keeping you healthy during the harsh European winter's.  Things were done for a reason other than survival against hunger, reasons like keeping that intestinal flora nice and strong so you can have a defense against the flu.  Or, having plenty of canned cabbage or Kraut on hand so your vitamin levels remained elevated as did your immune system.

I know of a very reputable health practitioner who says if your gut is healthy (i.e. good flora or intestinal bacteria is flourishing), then your immune system is also healthy.  A poor digestive track due to lack of flora promoting foods, antibiotic uses/consumption (via food), etc..., leads to a toxic gut, which will immediately affect our immune system.

So, who's up for canning this season?

If you have any good pickling recipes, techniques, please share them!



Over 15 years now our house hold does not have a microwave. Why do you need one?
To many experiments that you can do on your own show it is dangerous, why use it? The spot where the microwave was designed it by the cabinet shop is used for cookbooks and other useful items in the kitchen.

There is this one experiment that you should try. Use 4 styrofoam cups, put some soil in it and plant 4 seeds (one in each). Now you water the seeds, 2 with water that was microwaved the day before (and is now cold) and 2 seeds with tap water.

Which ones do you think grow?

We ditched Teflon for the obvious reasons.  If you're not sure why you should pack up all your Teflon coated cookware and toss it, please do your research.  It's a very toxic chemical which has been linked to cancer when it reaches a certain temperature.

My recommendation is to go with a company such as All Clad, or get back into the cast iron pans.   I had begun accumulating my All Clad pans about 20 years ago.  When I learned about teflon coated pans, I contacted All Clad Customer Service and explained to them that I'd like to exchange my 4 year old All Clad Teflon pan for a non-Teflon.  They exchanged my pan with no questions asked.  This was a great company to work with!  I'd recommend them, anytime! 

Water so very important to our daily lives. Now what can be wrong with that. One word Chlorine! I have been reading so much about it that it scares me.

I want to explain why with an example that you can relate to. Assuming you have been around a swimming pool and have seen a plastic cover that has wholes in it. Well that pool is using chlorine.
Now what do you think it does to your body? It scares the inside of your arteries and what do you think is used to fix the cracks? its Cholesterol. Bigger cracks, bigger fixes, ... heart attack.

Here is how you avoid chlorine. You need to remove the chlorine from your sking (shower and baths) and from your drinking source.
Install a waterfilter for your whole house excluding the spikets for the outside watering.
2nd best option is to install in every shower a filter that will filter the chlorine out. Install a filter on your kitchen sink or refridgerator to drink only chlorinefree water. Check the labels when you buy water (The costco brand has chlorine in the water)
Avoid public swimming pools, go to private swimming pools at your friends house who use salt water pools.
Avoid restaurants that do not filter their water or the water smell like chlorine.

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