So, now I have to worry about GMO fish. 

"Man" I thought.  "At least I don't have to worry about that, I just won't buy anything but fresh caught."  But I cought myself and my naive mind when i realized that I do eat out on rare occasion, and especially at sushi bar/restaurants.  Now, my love for sushi is threatened, becasuse most, if not all sushi restaurants buy their fish from brokers or markets who more than likely stock/sell farm raised fish.  So this is how easily GMO's enter even the most aware minds, and this is what fryes me so much!!! 


What is so ironic here, is that you have to work 5x's harder if your goal is to  eat healthy, clean and real food!  Corporate America has made the choice for us consumers to eat what they want us to eat.  It's not about our health or well being, it's about their profit.  If you remember that, it keeps the equation very clear.  Get in control of how you shop, where you shop, and know where your intake is coming from.