In this section I will post articles, email submissions from individuals like you that made the switch to an organic lifestyle. This will give you different perspectives.

This question often asks in the back of my mind when we as a company decide to change our formulation.  We have chosen a proactive role in changing our bad  habits both on a personal level and a small business level.  We began our horse treat company in 2002, in an effort to offer a healthy treat to horses, while at the same time, having a lot of creativity and designability.  Our hearts were in the right place.
Around the year 2005, myself and my family made a drastic lifestyle change to go 100% organic.  I've for years considered and called myself organic, yet if you combed through my cabinets, you'd find conventional food and household items.  Simple items like pan spray, olive oil, balsamic, herbs and spices, wine, beer, coffee, condiments, etc...  We had a lot of work ahead of us.  We did what every 30 something couple does, we got educated on organics.  It was quite confusing.  Confusion grew to amazement, which grew to anger and hostility, which landed at fortunate, because it seemed it was going to take lots'a D'casha to get this action plan launched.  With three school-aged children, we knew the kids were going to be hit hard.  As it turned out, I think our kids rolled w/ the changes very, very well, as did the parents.
So, why we made the engineering changes to our company supports my rant above because I could no longer continue to make a great horse product (that even humans and other mammal's nibbled on), and fill it with sludge.  I couldn't stand with corporate America and fill the treats with altered genetic materials, nor could I support the practice of conventional farming, which is exactly what I was doing by purchasing my 'Purina, nutrina, Cargill etc, ingredients.
Our pursuit began:  We went with local vendors, bought non-GMO ingredients.  Sought out the switch out of plastics in our packaging to recycled packaging, and gradually, we've made the liberating changes to work with something pure and natural.
The change over was a bit tough, trying to work w/ out glutens, or emulsifiers or the binders in the ingredients was a bit of a configuration, but we did it.  To my chief mixer and myself who work these products by hand, we immediately felt a difference and noticed that the wholesome ingredients actually go further and you don't feel like your working with lifeless ingredients.  These new ingredients have life!  I hope you try them out, and challenge yourself to be a very contentious and active consumer.  The small changes are magnified and become our voices to demanding quality-imagine if 200 million consumers made this commitment!!!
thanks for reading.
Potager Farms


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